We’re in a state of being friends
This thing that we call bonds
How strong a link
How much the love
It’s so much more than fond!

We’ve know each other
Most our lives
We’re intertwined and woven
But never have we fallen out
Never were we broken!

When times are hard
And spirits fail
We pick each other up
We love, support and carry through
With a word, a thought, a touch!

So moving forward
We are strong
Together we are better
Until the end we’ll carry on
F R I E N D S…they come no better!


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Summer’s End!


The end of Summer Party at Dimora happened to be on one of the hottest days this month! On Saturday I spent a lovely afternoon in the Pimm’s Garden with beautiful friends and wonderful food.  Dimora,  is in Newton Mearns, on the outskirts of Glasgow.  The food is authentic and made using local produce, where possible but also Peppe, the owner, imports specialities from his home in the region of Campania in Italy.

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